What about respiratory virus infections?
Prevention for people living with diabetes in COVID times

This webinar aired live Tuesday 16th November 2021 (14:30 – 16:00 CET).

The Influenza Diabetes Community united scientists, healthcare professionals, stakeholders and patients on 16 November to discuss protecting diabetes patients from severe respiratory virus infections.

A key take-away is that tailored and targeted messaging is key to communicating the benefit of vaccination for flu and COVID-19. We should be aware of complacency when it comes to seasonal respiratory viral infections. Reaching out to risk group patients to get vaccinated remains a priority.



Opening and welcome by chairs
Dr. Marco Goeijenbier
Dr. Marco Goeijenbier Bio
Chair IDC
Dr. Konstantinos Makrilakis
Dr. Konstantinos Makrilakis Bio
Board Member IDF Europe
Best practice examples on prevention
Daniel Howarth
Daniel Howarth Bio
Head of Care, Diabetes UK
Dr. Robert Gabbay, MD
Dr. Robert Gabbay, MD Bio
Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, American Diabetes Association
Science session

Respiratory viral infections and diabetes – what have we learnt from COVID-19?

Dr. Kirsty Short
Dr. Kirsty Short Bio
School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, University of Queensland
Prof. Corrado Cilio
Prof. Corrado Cilio Bio
Diabetes – Immunovirology, Lund University
Panel Discussion

Q&A with co-chairs, speakers and Ms Sebnem Guneyman.

Ms Sebnem Guneyman
Ms Sebnem Guneyman Bio
diabetes advocate, living with T1D
Closing remarks and take home message
Prof. Ab Osterhaus
Prof. Ab Osterhaus Bio
Chair ESWI